WHY US: You’re opening an escape room after everyone else so you want to ensure your attractions will be the best day one.  Once you’ve hired our company to build your escape rooms you can rest assured that you will have the best attraction on opening day. No other company can match our high tech puzzles, theming, story telling and attention to detail.  Our company has already built escape rooms for clients across the World including rooms based on Ghostbusters, Friday the 13th, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mummies, Serial Killers, The Titanic and even a runaway subway with animated subway train.  Now let us build you the best escape rooms in your market.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Space do you need? Great question!  We have built escape rooms as small as 250 square feet up to 1,200 square feet.  We can build any size to suit your needs. The benefit of a larger escape rooms is the ability to have more rooms and hold more people per game.


What Themes are Available?  Another great question!  There is no limit to themes available for escape rooms. Do you have a licensed character, customer theme, doesn’t matter we can design a custom escape room around any theme.  We also offer themes or can create custom themes.  The escape rooms we can design and build are limited only by imagination.


Can you build mobile escape rooms? YES!  We can purchase a trailer any size and build an escape room inside.  Additionally, we can have high level graphics created and wrap the trailer.  Price depends on size of trailer, new or used.


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Prices based on complexity and size of attractions:


1 Escape Room: $89,000

2 Escape Rooms: $170,000

3 Escape Rooms: $249,000


We also build themed party rooms and lobbies.


CONCEPT: The concept of an Escape Room Game is guests are trapped in a room with no way out! Guests must search the room to find clues to help them ESCAPE certain death or in another concept solve a crime, etc. Once guests enter the room they will search for clues, solve puzzles, find keys that unlock other clues which ultimately helps them discover an escape to the next room. Once guests escape a room they immediately find themselves in yet another room filled with new challenges. Guests are given a time limit to complete the rooms and win the escape game otherwise they lose and likely will play again.


Escape Rooms are fun and are highly profitable attracting business parties, to groups of friends wanting to play together. Guests must prepare to try to open, touch and twist the room upside down to find the clues to escape whatever theme we create for your entertainment cent.

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