Halloween Productions has been a leader in the field of Digital Animated CGI FX, Animations and special fx for haunted houses, dark rides, amusement parks, and much more. Our company has created cgi fx for amusement parks including FX for Spiderman Ride, Incredible Hulk Attraction, Garfield Attraction, Pirate Mini Golf's to haunted houses and much more. We can create custom CGI FX for your haunted house or we offer a stock line of FX for sale.


Listed below are digital fx dvd's you can purchase which creates Hollywood level FX for your attraction.


We can also take your logo and turn them into CGI FX to be used on videos, television commercials and much more.


We also do live action cgi FX, and pre-shows for amusement attractions. We provide several different, uniquely-styled Dark Rides!

There is a DIFFERENCE ... our company uses highly skilled make up artists and some of the best CGI experts who work on Hollywood movies. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE... our FX are not only more detailed and include top notch animated buffers when the FX aren't activated but we also offer the FX customized to fit your price point.  Most attractions don't want the décor merely the FX, animation and controls. HPI will supply you either complete digital fx with décor, monitor and controls or simply just the controls with the FX.  HPI allows you to create your own theming but get the special FX at a price you can afford!


We also can create any type of themed custom CGI animation from turning your logo into an animated FX, Pre-shows to live action CGI animation. Lastly our company can create CGI FX animation but also build an entire rooms with stock or custom FX.


NOTE: DIGITAL FX décor will be vac form panels. Custom décor, paint, and features available upon request.

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