Our Blacklight Mini Golf have proven to be a major money-maker for indoor entertainment centers for

a variety of reasons. People of all ages can play Blacklight Mini Golf, and our Blacklight Mini Golf

attractions incorporate so much more detail, interaction, set design, and special effects; plus the

aspect of 3D really keeps the customers coming back. Additionally, Blacklight Mini Golf attractions are perfect for birthday parties, because unlike an outdoor mini golf attraction, indoor Blacklight Mini Golf can operate year round in any weather condition. We’ve created over 150 Blacklight Mini Golf themed attractions across the World.


We offer a variety of different themed mini golf attractions from Pirates, Old West, Dino Adventure and Jungle to custom themes.


Our Premium version is our standard mini golf we’ve sold around the WORLD which includes interior walls, raised holes, props, interactive holes and much more.


Platinum Mini Golf Attractions include additional props, built out sets, CGI FX, more raised holes, and much more.


Multiple Themes Available or Custom Themes


All we need from you is your budget, blueprint of space, and theme choice. After we have detailed knowledge of these 3 things, our company will provide you a comprehensive proposal.  Once we have a signed agreement, we will construct your attraction, ship your attraction and install your attraction.  Once installation is complete, we'll even document your attraction with professional photos for use in marketing and/or website.


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Escape based on the book by L Frank Baum.

Listed, are themes we've already conceived that include a FREE logo.


We offer several themes to choose from, or we can create a custom-themed attraction at no additional charge.

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